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Program Overview
WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv is a program that gives you the opportunity to combine a professional internship in a field of your choice with the additional benefits of a regular Ulpan (Hebrew language) course, weekly field trips, overnight hikes, meetings with Israeli peers and a variety of fun and enriching activities.

Today Tel-Aviv is one of the world's most exciting, cosmopolitan cities full of restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, galleries, theaters and more. Intern Tel-Aviv will give you the chance to live it to the full. By day, step out into the thriving working environment. By night, step out into the best nightlife in Israel.

Participants will live in apartments in fashionable South Tel-Aviv and intern in almost any area of industry and commerce, public and private sector, art and culture, hi-tech, politics and much more. This is a great opportunity for you to enhance your resume and live as an independent Israeli all within a warm yet dynamic environment and supported by professional and experienced staff.

Typical Week for WUJS Intern Tel Aviv









Internship Placement

Internship Placement

Israel Update

Internship Placement

Internship Placement

Free Weekend – why not go on a camping trip with friends to the Golan Heights

Free Weekend – why not have a cultural weekend visiting Jerusalem 'off the beaten track'
Group Meeting


Siyur (field trip) may run until late


Group Activity

Hebrew Ulpan

Hebrew Ulpan

Free Evening

The Internship
Prior to your arrival an Israel, a member of the WUJS staff will be in contact with you to discuss your areas of interests and your CV/resume. Following that you will be presented with potential internship placements and asked to be in contact with each one individually before making a final decision on your five month placement.

Participants on the WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv program are required to intern 25-30 hours a week. In addition participants have the option of taking a Hebrew language ulpan and a weekly educational day-trip. Finally participants are free to take advantage of all the other evening options made available by the WUJS staff.

Jewish Experience
One of the greatest advantages of spending six months in Israel is the opportunity to experience Judaism. Explore the options, feel the fervor, learn and encounter Judaism as you never have before. WUJS, as part Young Judaea/FZY Israel programs, is a Jewish pluralist program; whether you are Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist or non-affiliated, you will be given your space to express your Judaism in your way.

Israel Experience
Beyond the internship placement participants on the WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv program will have the option of participating in a variety in informal educational and cultural activities that primarily take place in the evenings. These may include: Israeli film night, going to an international soccer match, visiting a new bar on Rothschild Street, going to a political rally, meeting an environmental lobby, going to a concert and much more. In addition, during free time, participants can enjoy all the wonderful cultural and social opportunities that Tel-Aviv has to offer.

Adopted Families
The WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv program can arrange for students to be "adopted" by a local family. This provides a home away from home and an opportunity to get to know an Israeli family. These families are often immigrants themselves from around the world. It can be a way of practicing Hebrew and discovering Jerusalem from a different angle. While this is not a compulsory part of the program, experience has proven that life-long relationships can be formed between students and local families.

The weekends are often one of the highlights of the program as participants have the time to get out and about exploring the country from north to south. All WUJS participants have the luxury of using our tiyul (hiking) consultant who will help you to plan your treks around Israel and even provide you with maps, tents and gas burners.

There may be group Shabbatot weekends over the course of the program depending on the requests of the participants. These will be in Tel-Aviv.Each Shabbat can be meaningful in its own way either due to a new and interesting encounter or simply because of the unique atmosphere that each Shabbat brings. Just be ready to be spiritually uplifted in some way.

All participants on the WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv program receive accommodation in apartments within the city of Tel-Aviv. The apartments are situated in South Tel-Aviv conveniently situated close to the trendy Florentine (Tel-Aviv's Soho) and a short ride away from Tel-Aviv's famous beach. The area provides easy access to all of Tel-Aviv's highlights including restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, theaters and more. In most cases four to six participants live per apartment (two people per bedroom).

Getting Around the City
As anyone who lives in Tel-Aviv will tell you the most enjoyable way to get around the city is on foot. However, just in case, participants will also be provided with monthly bus passes that allow you to get around the city freely using the vast public transportation system.

Beyond The Internship

Hebrew Ulpan
Participants on the WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv track have the added benefit of a weekly Hebrew Ulpan language course. Classes take place two evenings a week and although the course is optional, once a participant commits s/he is required to attend every class. Anyone will tell you that learning the language is the key to integrating into Israeli society so this is not an opportunity worth passing up.

The Key Issues in Israel Seminars
During the first month of the program there will be a number of short educational seminars that tackle some of the key issues that any participant on a long-term program in Israel should consider. These may include such topics as: History of Israel, Overview of Israeli Political System, Religion and State, Understanding the Conflict, The People of Israel, Israeli Culture and more. Each session will take on the form of a guest speaker, a short field trip or an interactive activity.

Siyurim and Tiyulim
One of the highlights of the WUJS program is the field trips that take place every Tuesday. This is an opportunity to take a break from the week's routine and get out and about seeing Israel through your own eyes and feet. The field trips are based on a variety of topics and can take you to somewhere local in the city of Jerusalem or beyond and into the country at large. Previous field trips have included: The Old City of Jerusalem, Yemin Moshe and Rechavia, Neot Kedumim, Neve Tzedek in Tel-Aviv, Sderot, Yad Vashem, Rosh Haayin, Kibbutz Metzer and many, many more.In addition there are three hikes that take place during the course of the program. One in the North of the country, one in the Judaean Desert and the Dead Sea and one in the Arava that is situated in the South of the country and involves a Shabbat experience at Kibbutz Ketura. The tiyulim to the North of the country and the Arava are overnight.

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WUJS Israel Programs

To be eligible for the WUJS Intern Tel Aviv program, prospective students should be:

  • Jewish
  • Between the ages of 21-35
  • Single, or married without children

Program Dates
The WUJS Israel Hadassah program runs twice a year and each session lasts for five months.
Upcoming Sessions:

  • September 12th 2011 – February 12th 2012
  • March 12th 2012 – August 12th 2012

Program Cost
The cost of the WUJS Intern Tel-Aviv track for September 2011 is $7,750 prior to the MASA automatic grant. WUJS Payment Schedule and Refund Policy
WUJS Israel Hadassah is recognized by MASA. As such, all participants are eligible to apply for MASA funding.

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Staying in Israel
Over the last 40 years, almost one third of all WUJS participants have remained in Israel after the program and made Aliyah. We have an Aliyah consultant on staff who can answer all related questions. On top of that, the WUJS program organizes an Aliyah day for its participants, where seminars are arranged to cover topics such as Aliyah rights and benefits, employment, higher education and the Israeli Army. Included in this day is an opportunity for you to meet with WUJS alumni who have made Aliyah so you can hear their stories and experiences.
Additionally, WUJS provides two other services that we feel will significantly aid our participants with their first steps in Israel. We work together with participants to translate their resumes into Hebrew and, we offer participants five personal meetings with WUJS staff member to assist in employment and housing search.